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When you foster, you help them write their future.

Wherever we can, we try to keep families together. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. With more and more children going into foster care, we rely on Foster Carers like you to provide children with a safe, happy, and supportive home so that they can enjoy a stable and secure life.

For any child, leaving their family and entering foster care can be a frightening and traumatic experience which is why your support is pivotal in helping them maintain a healthy and vibrant childhood. Becoming a Foster Carer is a huge, but rewarding decision. When you decide to become a Foster Carer With Milton Keynes City Council, you are making a difference in children's and young people's lives, encountering new situations everyday. 

Want to start your journey?

Contact us at: OR

01908 253206

We offer a Fostering goodie bag with every enquiry made

Busting fostering myths

We understand that there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding fostering and we believe that foster carers come from all walks of life.

Why choose fostering?

Our foster carers make all the difference for local children. Hear our carers experiences of fostering with Milton Keynes City Council.

Everything you need to know about the different types of Fostering. 

Read about the benefits of fostering for Milton Keynes Council

Information on transferring from another agency to Milton Keynes City Council.

This information is for Special Guardians and their families who live in or who have been assessed by Milton Keynes City Council.

Looking after someone else’s child by a private arrangement.


Learn about the steps to becoming a Foster Carer for Milton Keynes City Council.

"Most people say ‘I couldn’t do it’ but you can. We have been fostering for four years and we can honestly say after having our own children, it’s the best thing we’ve done. Everyday day is different but everyday has rewards too. Giving opportunities and making memories with children who really need you. It’s a life choice and at times can be challenging but just knowing that we can offer a safe space and the support to a child who really needs is what matters most. We do this for the children and we love it."

Naomi Brock, Foster Carer

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