Redeployment of staff during the pandemic

Updated: Apr 1

During the pandemic, many of our staff members were redeployed to different areas within the organisation.We managed to catch up with a few of them and to hear about their experiences. Find out more below.

Redeployment to the Reablement Team:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Reablement benefited from having staff redeployed from day services. The staff brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience which helped us review different elements of our work and ensure that we fully supported service users and their carers during the height of the pressures.


Meet, Julie. Before the pandemic, she worked as a Team Leader at the Simspon Day Service and was later redeployed to help within the Reablement team. Hear what she has to say about her experience:

Julie - Simpson Day Service Team Leader

"Initially, when the pandemic hit and restrictions where made it was frightening. Luckily I managed to develop coping strategies to help me through this strange time by going for long walks in the beautiful surroundings that Milton Keynes has to offer. I also have a very supportive manager and part of a brilliant team at Simpson day service."

Making a difference

"Being able to make a difference, did make a difference. Once I was able to offer support and advice to the most vulnerable in the community I felt better in myself. I couldn't believe how fast the response to help developed and people I spoke to were so grateful."

Charlie - Learning & Disability Apprentice

Charlie transferred from the Learning Disability field to help Flowers House at the start of the pandemic. Flowers House presented Charlie with a different working environment and client group, an area he had little previous experience. Charlie soon found his feet and was able to make use of transferable skills he had gained from working in the Learning Disability service.

Photo of Charlie with service users

Charlie has enjoyed his time at Flowers House, initially supporting people with activities before moving over to support the care team, assisting clients with personal care and supporting their emotional needs. Here's what he has to say about his experience:

"I'm happy to have been able to make a positive difference to the lives of the people I am supporting, even more so, when there were restrictions and families were not able to see their loved ones. It’s certainly been a , varied, interesting and challenging experience.
I have enjoyed my time here at Flowers House and feel that I have contributed to the well-being of clients and helped my colleagues deliver a consistent level of support."


Siobhan is usually a team leader at Tower Drive Day Services, but during Covid-19 was deployed as a PPE Co-Ordinator.

“Learning new skills and working with different people and departments is very interesting. Very impressed and proud with how well everyone is working together through this difficult and uncertain time.”


Beth is usually a team leader at Tower Drive Day Services, during Covid she's been working as a co-ordinator at the Reablement Team.

"From day 1, I've loved my experience of redeployment and was made to feel like I'm part of the team. Although it is very different from my role as a team leader, I have been lucky enough to learn new transferable skills to support my development and network with different areas within the council. I have been given a brilliant opportunity and I thank my manager, Jackie for putting me forward for it."
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