Children's Social Care teams at Milton Keynes Council

Teams at Milton Keynes Council

Here you will find a list of the current Children Social Care teams at Milton Keynes council. Click the down arrow on each team to find out more. 


The FAST (Family Assessment and Support Team) Team provides a variety of support and interventions for children, young people and their families who are open to Children's Social Care. The team is made up of several teams including: Emergency Social Work Team – our Out of Hours Service, Supervised Contact Support Service, S.T.E.P (Supporting Teenagers and Empowering Parents) our Edge of Care Team, SAIT (Specialist Assessment and Intervention Team) and the Healthy Relationships Project – our response to supporting those effected by Domestic Abuse.

Children with Disabilities

We provide a comprehensive statutory social work service to children with disabilities - including duty, assessment, implementing CIN plans, CLA plans, undertaking child protection investigations, instigating and completing care proceedings, and transition to adult services. We contribute to effective joint working with children, families and other agencies to promote the life chances of children and young people with severe and complex disabilities.

Children in Care Team

Our team works with all looked after children post care proceedings. We are responsible for progressing permanence for children, either through adoption, Special Guardianship Orders, rehabilitating children home or long term foster care.

Adoption Team

Adoption Connects provides recruitment, assessment and a Family Finding Service for prospective adopters. The team also works closely with the children in care and family support teams to identify match and support children within their adoptive families. This support continues following the child's move to their adoptive family until an Adoption Order is made. When the Adoption Order is granted the team provides a wide range of post adoption services, where needed, to the adopted child and their families up to 18 years old. This includes promoting contact with their birth family.

Fostering Team

Fostering – Recruitment & Assessment. This team recruits and approves mainstream foster carers. The team also undertakes Initial Viability Assessments for family members who put themselves forward to care permanently for children who are unable to live with their birth parents. If the initial assessment is positive the team then undertakes the full assessment and approval of Kinship Carers and Special Guardianship Carers. Additionally, the team facilitates preparation fostering training six times per year.

16-25 team

The 16 – 25 Team provides support for young people who are looked after by Milton Keynes Council or who have left care. This support can include the allocation of a personal advisor until the age of 21 years old and the provision of support and advice until they are 25 years old. Young people are therefore supported in their transition to adulthood by providing opportunities to develop practical and self-care skills to achieve independence, access education, training and work, or with housing.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Team

Our aim is that there will be ‘no wrong door’ for a family to gain appropriate support in Milton Keynes. Our integrated referral hub, which works across Milton Keynes, using the levels of need, which is a document signed up by all agencies in Milton Keynes, and is designed to ensure that children receive help from the most appropriate source available. The team currently consists of a Team Manager, Deputies, Senior Practitioners, Social Workers and Social Work Assistants. The hub provides social work oversight of all children in Milton Keynes requiring additional services. MASH was launched in September 2014 and it is proving to be a success. Milton Keynes MASH improves decision making, reduces delay and prevents re-referrals. The MASH applies multi-disciplinary expertise to identify and prioritise children and young people where there is a risk of significant harm and assign them to an appropriate professional/s for assessment. MASH is designed to improve safeguarding for children by co-locating key partners (Social Care/Health/Early Intervention/Housing/Adult Social Care) and their data in a secure assessment, research and referral unit which receives and takes timely decisions about notifications of possible risk to children. The purpose of this is to provide a more informed response to assessing risk to children at an earlier stage, including signposting to early intervention services or other appropriate resources.

Family Support Team

Milton Keynes has three Family Support Teams, geographically based, each consisting of a Team Manager, a Deputy Team Manager, Senior Practitioners, Social Workers and Social Work Assistants. These teams offer the opportunity to join an established group in a forward-looking structured and supported environment. The team work with a variety of cases transferred from the MASH. In the often stressful, high risk environment of children’s social care it is easy to lose sight of our purpose and our values and to behave in punitive, risk averse ways towards vulnerable children and their families. In our work with families we seek to stop, listen and think about what has been said and the meaning this has for the child's welfare. Our adoption of the Signs of Safety approach to family support supports the achievement of family centred solutions, promoting a more proactive, child centred role for our workers with a clear focus upon the safety of the child. Family Support Teams require able and skilled practitioners. The role of our social care practitioners is a challenging one, requiring a range of complex skills and a sound practice knowledge base. Recognising the complexity of this work, we maintain caseloads of 9 families per worker. We value and develop the social work skills and knowledge required to carry out high quality assessments and implement effective interventions with families. The teams have a family support ethos and focus upon developing effective family support plans and working with children who are newly looked after or in the course of care proceedings, as well as with children on Child Protection Plans. We empower families to generate (whenever it is possible and safe to do so) their own solutions without the stigma of the child protection process. This approach is supported by our well-developed Family Group Conference Service. As well as direct work provided by the allocated social worker, the social workers in the family support teams have access to additional services provided by Family Assessment and Support Team (FAST) to support their families in achieving the best possible outcomes. FAST will provide home help services, practical help and monitoring, therapeutic interventions and specialist assessments and intervention 7 days a week, which including out of hours work with families.

Children and Family Practices

Children and Family Practices are a short term intervention service which works with children and families with a number of complex needs, to support and safeguard children, young people and families and prevent escalation into statutory children’s services. Delivering a range of evidence based interventions the aim is to empower families to make positive changes and assist them to build their own support networks.

Fostering Supervision and Support Team

We provide supervision and support to all approved foster carers as well as run the Fostering Duty desk; which involves finding foster placements for children and responding to the needs of carers and children.

Post SGO Support is also provided by the team, supporting those carers who have been granted a Special Guardianship Order

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