There are opportunities to grow and develop into management roles within care and social work settings. Develop your career here at Milton Keynes Council.

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Management Roles within Adult Social Care

Team Leader

Team leaders are the eyes and ears of the manager. Within this role you will be involved in organising daily care plans and ensuring care is carried out to the highest standard. You will span across managers and support workers doing some of each role as need arise. The team leaders give advice and guidance to the support workers and assists them in any way they can.


A wide and varied role. The manager works closely with the team leaders to ensure the care, safety and welfare of staff and service users is considered at all times. The manager is also responsible for the running of the day service transport, assessment and review of service users.

Registered Manager

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that registered providers must have a Registered Manager that work towards meeting the statutory regulations and requirements of the Care Quality Commission. The role of a Registered Manager ensures that services
within health and social care provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. Registered managers manage a team of care workers and a care service to ensure their organisation and everyone in it provides high quality care and support.
Individuals require strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate others, good project
management and organisational skills and with the ability to think strategically to develop
the organisation.

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“As head of service for access, hospital and older people’s social work I occupy a varied and fulfilling role; each day brings new challenges that require determination, enthusiasm and innovative thinking. The adult social care team at MKC show huge commitment to their duties and always illustrate their desire to serve those in need of support.

Having worked in adult social care for 31 years, I can honestly say that the structure and support at MKC is the best I have seen; there is a genuine programme of training and support for staff and a focus on career development and progression. The workforce is well balanced and well-motivated; experience combined with youth, along with good working conditions and a senior leadership team that actively listen to and promote the views of all employees leads to a healthy and productive environment. I have no hesitation in highlighting the benefits of joining such a progressive, energised and supportive organisation.”

- Phil Jones

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