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Did you know that there is a national shortage of foster carers across the UK?  Each day sees 63,000 children living with over 52,500 foster families but more foster carers are required to keep up with the demand. This is a fantastic opportunity for a career that will alter not only a child’s life but also your own. Milton Keynes Council are continually seeking to recruit to a wide range of foster carer roles.

Becoming a foster carer doesn’t only make a huge difference to a child’s life and society, but also makes a difference to the City we live Milton Keynes.

Who can be a foster carer?

We seek foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds and experience to match the individual needs of children and young people. You need time, patience, tolerance and energy and must be able to share your home and life with others and there's no doubt that a sense of humour goes a long way!

Almost anyone can apply to become a foster carer; however there are some criteria that you would need to meet in order to make you eligible to be considered as a foster carer for Milton Keynes Council.


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The criteria to become a Foster Carer:

  • You are at least 21 years of age

  • You have suitable accommodation which can comfortably accommodate everyone including your foster children.

  • You do not have significant health problems that would hinder your role as a foster carer. You will be asked to undertake a medical with your GP to ensure you are healthy enough for the demands of fostering.

  • Children aged 5 and under will not be placed in households where a member smokes.

  • You have not committed serious offences, offences relating to violent, sexual crimes or have convictions for such offences. We need to check out all potential carers with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Some people who have a criminal record can foster but careful consideration will be given to the nature and seriousness of the offence, how long ago the crime was committed and how you live your life now. DBS checks are undertaken on people aged 16 years and over living in your household.

  • You need to be available to care for children including taking them to school, attending meetings and other appointments. For children who are under school age, you need to be fully committed to fostering and a carer needs to be available at all times.

  • For those considering caring for children of school age, you can work part time but you need to be flexible to allow you to respond to the child's needs, meetings and school holidays.

  • You have a computer/laptop and have access to the internet.

Types of Fostering

  • Remand Foster Carers

  • Permanent Foster Carers

  • Respite Foster Carers

  • Support Foster Carers

  • Family Link Carers

  • Private Foster Carers

  • Supported Lodgings

Jobs and Opportunities

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