Kick start your Adult Social care career with the variety of development programmes at MKC. Combine work and study by mixing on the job training and classroom learning.

Want to earn while you learn?
Apprenticeships and Diplomas

MKC offer three levels of Health and Social Care Apprenticeships:

1. Level 2 - Adult Care Work

2. Level 3 - Lead Adult Care Worker

3. Level 4 - Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

4. Level 5 - Leader in Adult Care

Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in adult care work can lead to numerous jobs such as care assistant, support worker, learning disabilities support worker and many more.

Level 4 will give you required knowledge and skills to undertake the role of Team Leader, Senior Support Worker and many more.

Level 5 will enable you to secure positions at management level including Registered Manager role.

Interested in Adult care Work?

Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in adult care work can lead to numerous jobs such as care assistant, support worker, learning disabilities support worker and many more.

Whilst the level 5 can lead to roles such as team leader.


Want a degree without the study fees?

At MKC we offer two-degree programmes which allow you to achieve a degree without the worry of study fees.

Opportunities available


1. Level 6 - Social Work Degree: if social work is the career for you, achieve your Honours degree in social work with MKC.

2. Level 6 - Occupational Therapist: MKC have developed a programme of practical and classroom study to achieve your BSC Honours in Occupational Therapy. 

By earning while you are learning you will get the unique opportunity to have hands-on practical learning, alongside the classroom learning for your degree. This allows you to put into practice what you are learning in the classroom.

Want to enhance your role within Adult Social Care?

We also offer a number of apprenticeships, which may enhance your role within Adult Social Care.

Some of the team leader and business administrator apprenticeships are based directly in our day services.

What Our Apprentices Say

"My name is Linda, I am currently working as a Social Work Apprentice within the Assessment Team, Adult  Social Care.

I’m passionate about issues which affect vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and enjoy the challenge of finding solutions for them hence the reason why I’m training to be a Social Worker."

-  Linda

Apprenticeship FAQ's

What is an Apprenticeship?

You will be employed to do a real job while studying for a formal qualification. Provides the combination of job training and classroom learning.

Age & Eligibility Criteria?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone aged 16+. You must have an employment contract the same length as the apprenticeship undertaken. You must have at least Level 2 in Maths and English or the equivalent.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships take between 1-4 years to complete. Depending on the level of complexity of the role and training requirement.

How much will I get paid?

This depends on the level of apprenticeships but level 2 apprenticeships with MKC start at £17,363.

Will there be a job for me at the end?

Milton Keynes Council's policy is to recruit apprentices onto permanent contracts wherever possible.

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